Sunday, 13 January 2013

B210k week 2 - my way

I did 2 runs for week 1 of the B210k - using my own music and a stop watch, then did a 3 mile run and a 2 miler before deciding to move on to week 2 on Thursday. 
 I know I should really have done a third week 1 run but I felt ready to move on.  
 It was a tough run, the weather was drizzly and my glasses kept getting misted. By the fourth 15 minutes I found that I needed to stop a couple of times - just for a few seconds, to get my breath back and dry my glasses - but I felt I could still count it as a fairly successful run.
 According to Endomondo I had done 4 miles in 46.24 but according to my stopwatch it was under 45 minutes.  I think this can be explained by the amount of time it takes to wake my phone, unlock it and pause Endomondo every time I stop running.
 The following evening I went for a shorter run with a friend and although we needed to stop and walk fairly regularly I actually ran my fastest 3 miles and 5k - 32.19 and 33.25 mins respectively - so I was really pleased.
 This evening Mr Locket persuaded me to get my running stuff on again - although I was very reluctant as it was so cold.  I decided to  deviate from the B210k plan again - I find that my mind plays a very important part in my ability to run - or not!  Going back to shorter intervals is very appealing as you know you are going to get a break before too long - but I know that I then start to doubt my ability to keep going for longer so I start to tell myself I can only run 10 minutes at a time, or 15 or whatever.  So today I decided to listen to Laura again on week 9 and do at least 30 minutes non-stop.  
 I had forwarded the podcast so that I didn't have to do the 5 minute warm up walk (naughty, I know, but Mr Locket never walks and I knew he would get cold quickly) but when I started Endomondo and the podcast it had gone back to the beginning so I decided to run through the 5 minute warm up walk and then go straight through the run so I would be doing 35 minutes - with Laura's encouragements always 5 minutes behind!  I carried on running through the warm down walk and then paused after 41 minutes - which is possibly the longest continuous run I've done,  3.60 miles.  We'd got home by this point but I wanted to get to 4 miles so we set off again and ran just under a mile, covering 4.56 miles in 52.36 minutes.
 Sorry this is such a long account - I couldn't fit it all in my running diary but I wanted to keep a record!!! ;o)
 What I'm trying to say - in short this time(!) - is that I'm going to sort-of follow the B210k plan but with my own variations as follows:
 * I'm not going to do it in 6 weeks - probably quite a bit longer
 * I'm not going to do all 3 B210k runs a week as it doesn't fit in with the other running I do(running with friends, going to running club etc)
 * I'm going to aim to do at least one "long" continuous run a week - at least 30 minutes without stopping, longer if I can manage - just so I don't forget how to run continuously!!
 * I will get to 10k eventually!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Bridge to 10k

Whoops! It has been a long time since I last posted - but I have still been running and had worked my way back up to running up to 30+ minutes but I just wasn't pushing myself any harder. This year I have signed up for a 10k run in April so having been inspired by some posts on the NHS C25K forum I decided to attempt the B210k.

Dot and I did week 1 run 1 on Thursday evening (4 x 10 minutes running with 1 minute walk in between) although we didn't use the podcast I'd downloaded and just timed the running with a stop watch and listened to our own music. Because of this we probably allowed ourselves a little longer than a minute between runs - but no more than 90 seconds.

By the fourth run I was definitely getting tired - although Dot didn't seem to be flagging at all! It had felt like we were going faster than normal earlier in the run but we definitely slowed down later in the run. I've just checked the stats and we did the first mile in 10.49 which is fast for me but the last mile was 12.33 - but there were occasions when we had to pause to let traffic go by and I wasn't super quick at pausing Endomondo each time.

When we finished we had covered 3.51 miles so decided to have a couple of minutes walk and then run an extra half a mile to make it up to 4 miles. I'm really pleased we did and we both felt very proud of ourselves - I can't wait for the next run!           

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sports Physio and new shoes

I went to see a sports physio on Thursday for advice on all my aches and pains.  Apparently it is common to have a lot of niggles in the first few years of running and there was nothing majorly wrong which was a relief.  He recommended that I change my shoes - he thought they were fairly worn even though I've only had them for a few months and he advised that I needed greater stability.  He also suggested knee length compression socks, some exercises to stretch my nerves and spent a painful half hour massaging my legs.

So yesterday we went shopping at Sweatshop and had gait analysis - in much more detail than the last time at Startfitness.  They had me standing on a special machine and moulded insoles to fit the movement of my feet then filmed me running on a treadmill in my trainers and then trainers with more stability.  The physio had suggested I get Brooks or Asics trainers and they had one pair of Brooks in my size but they were £95 and the same shoes in last season's colours were available on their website for £65 so we went away to think.

Sweatshop offer a 30 day money back deal on their shoes - however much you have used them and even if they are filthy, they also suggested that I could use this time to go back to the physio and see what he thought of them.  Online it was only a 2 week period so we decided to go back and buy the £95 shoes.  But when I tried them on again they felt a bit tight at the sides - I have very wide feet - and the assistants in the shop recommended that I try different makes with the same level of stability.

I immediately found the Mizunos most comfortable - the same make as my last pair - so despite the physio's advice I bought them and tried them out last night for a 2 mile run - and my legs don't hurt as much as normal and my shins are fairly pain free so maybe I've got the right ones.  I'll be making an appointment to go back to the physio to see what he thinks too.

Now I'm planning on going out for another run just to test them out again!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Finally running again

As I've just said on my main blog, it's been a while since I last posted.  But until this morning it had also been a while since I had run :o( 

I managed a few runs after my last post and was really pleased to run 4 miles on 19th July - but then I realised I had hurt my hip and it took over two weeks to feel better enough to think about running - but by then we were on holiday in Italy and it was just too hot to even think about running (although that didn't stop Mr Locket!).  Once we had returned I should have got straight out there but I had got out of the habit and I really had to force myself to go out with Dot this morning.  I've lost so much fitness - it was a struggle. I've also gained 8lbs since going away so there is more of me to cart around.  We managed 2 miles - with lots of stops to walk, partly because I was exhausted and needed to catch my breath and partly because Dot's foot was hurting.  The first mile was really hard but it got better and I'm really pleased I went out - especially as I don't have any aches and pains now. :o)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Still struggling

Running is tough at the moment.  Maybe it's because it is getting warmer or maybe it's just a phase.  I hope it's going to get better though.

Dot and I ran home from a neighbouring village on Sunday - straight into the wind - and I just couldn't do it. I walked after half a mile, walked again after quarter of a mile, walked again after a 5th of a mile........... and so on, you get the picture?  I think I had started off too fast subconsciously trying to keep up with Dot - certainly my times on Endomondo showed that I'd been going faster. But I was really frustrated with myself - I only managed 2.5 miles running and walked so many times.

On Wednesday it was running club and by coincidence we were actually running long intervals - about a third of a mile each time for four repetitions with a break inbetween each run.  We covered about 1.3 miles, so not very far and it didn't get me to overcome my mental block about stopping and walking.

Then today Mr Locket and I went out and did 5k - but again with walks after the first mile, the second and then a couple of times during the third :o(

I'm sure it's a mental battle more than a physical one - I just seem to be giving up and not believing I can do it whereas when I was doing the C25K programme I had confidence in my ability to keep going. I'm looking forward to the new NHS podcasts that are going to come out later this month - hopefully they will rekindle my enthusiasm.

I hope I haven't just "gone off" running!  That would be a disaster - I'd have to go back on my diet!! ;o)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Struggling - but still going

I seem to be struggling with my running at the moment which is frustrating - but at least I'm still getting out there and doing it.

Yesterday was running club and we did a road run for 20 minutes doing about 3k.  We went fairly slowly and when we got to the "loop back" points where we could either run back and meet the slower runners or pause and have a rest, I rested rather than run! We covered about 1.7 miles but I was glad to get to the end.  Fortunately my leg didn't hurt but I was VERY hot at the end because the weather was so muggy.

Today I went out again with Mr Locket.  I wasn't planning on going too far as I knew I was already tired from yesterday but it was still quite tough.  I ran 2.5 miles with a couple of minutes walk after the first mile.  It was hot and rainy with a bit of a breeze.  I was too tired to run 5k and when I stopped my leg cramped up again so I spent about half an hour icing it and it seems to be ok now.  It seems as if I really do need to have a rest day in between each run.  Running two days in a row clearly over strains my leg and it complains! 

I read somewhere that your initial progress when you start to run can be really impressive - like the difference between not being able to run at all and then running for half an hour a few weeks later - but then you get to a point where you are not improving as quickly which can be frustrating.  I think I'm at that point now - I can run 5k (most times!) and my speed is gradually improving, but I'm not making any vast increases in distance or time.  Maybe it's ok that I am just consolidating my running - or maybe I need to try to push myself further.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Ouch - not a good run

I've had two frustrating runs this weekend.

The first was yesterday when I managed 5k but had to keep stopping to walk because I was too tired to carry on. Each time I walked I paused Endomondo so I made sure I did run a full 5k - and amazingly I actually did it in a personal best time of 33m 46s so I must have been running parts of it faster than normal. But I was still disappointed with myself for the walking.

Then today I wanted to try an interval session. Because doing week 1 would have meant I had only run for 8 minutes I decided to jog the five minute walk before running the 60 seconds and walking the 90. But I had a technological breakdown because my phone wouldn't let me access the podcast - or any music at all - so it was my first run without "support"!

I quickly got tired again today so after I'd done about 5 intervals I decided to gently jog home with a couple of walks. Then when I wasn't far from finishing my left leg just really started to cramp up along the inside of my calf, running down to my ankle. I'm not sure what muscle this is but I've been told it is a very difficult one to stretch and it has been hurting for the last few weeks after each run just not as badly as today.

I hobbled home very slowly complaining miserably to Mr Locket about how much it hurt (he was very kind and patient!) and then put ice on it when I got back.

It isn't hurting as much now but I think I will be resting it until Running Club on Wednesday.

Hmm, a frustrating end to the weekend.